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All human to horse contact begins with respect.

The Horse Experience

Recommended for beginners of all ages.
Connect with horses by being around them, touching them and talking with them.
We will walk among the horses in their pastures, free horses in a herd.  
You will then be given a horse to care for, feed and brush. You will learn to handle and walk with your horse.
After ground instructions you will improve your balance and learn our riding techniques. First bareback in the training ring and, if time allows, in the saddle by yourself around the warm up track under the supervision of Stephanie and her team.

1200 pesos per person.


Connected Riding Lessons


Lessons will be adapted to your level.
Connected riding is the ability to adjust your body to the rhythm of the horse.
The objective is for you to learn to communicate with horses naturally, to establish a collaborative relationship with them to enhance your riding experience.
To establish this natural communication it is important to:
• Understand the horse
• Gain its trust and respect
• Understand the most appropriate technique to reach each horse
• Be conscious of your body language
• Learn to regulate your energy with your breathing
• Knowing the most advantageous position for riding

Stephanie will share with you her skills in horse communication and riding method.
. 400 pesos per person, per hour in a group from 3 to 4
. 500 pesos per hour for private instruction up to 2


Tune up and ride connected

Recommended for intermediate riders.
It allows you to refresh or tune up your riding skills, team up with your horse, build back up confidence and top it off with an exciting trail ride in the mountains.
It includes grooming, saddling, warm up with instructions and a ride out.


1400 pesos per person.



Horseback rides with a guide

Recommended for experienced and intermediate riders.
Before any ride we like you to groom and tack your horse.
The rides wind through our beautiful valley by ways of local paths and dirt roads. The mountain trails take us through the woods and open fields of our ranch. Our 1/2 mile groomed gallop track is available for the more adventurous.


1200 pesos per person

Experienced Riders

We can offer you high level fast paced mountain

trail ride of approximately one hour.

Equine Therapy

Contact us for details.

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